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  Welcome to a new day … start here for a NEW YOU!  This site is all about “health hacks” – simple tips to help you achieve your health & fitness goals more efficiently and faster – HAX™. To search for Articles and Information Start Here at the Blog Topics Search Box (PURPLE).  Just type in your topic of […]

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Welcome to Sacred Herbals!

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For Healthy Living, Welcome to Sacred Herbals !!  Ingest only the best: Sacred Herbals … because your body is your temple …   Hi, I’m Allen Collins, co-founder of Sacred Herbals. Most folks call me Al.  Sacred Herbals is a family owned and family run business. And we think that you should feel full of life, every day! […]

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Cross Training: The Benefits of Mixing it Up

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  Cross Training is for you! It doesn’t matter what your favorite sport or style of workout is – whether pilates yoga, running, strength training, biking, skating, or anything else – overdoing it can be counter-productive. Over-training can slow your progress and unnecessarily delay your goals. Like most people, let’s assume that your goals are […]

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health benefits of green tea

Health Benefits of Green Tea: Healthy or Hype?

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Health Benefits of Green Tea: Are the Crazy Claims True? We in the West have only become aware of Green Tea relatively recently. Recent, that is, compared to the 4000 years or so that Asian cultures have been enjoying green tea. So, recently, green tea has been touted as a miracle cure for nearly every […]

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Habit hacks, habitHAX™

Habit Hacks: HabitHAX™ Part 1

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Introduction to HabitHAX™ There are fundamental “ingredients” found in every newly developed habit. There are also methods to streamline and optimize your creation of new positive habits that have been proven to work. Such tips and tools for streamlining life tasks have been termed “hacks,” and you can read more about the evolution of that […]

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FitnessHAX™ High Intensity Interval Training, Body-Weight Exercises

High Intensity Interval Training

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Freak Intensity Interval Training – Get FIIT with High Intensity Interval Training! If you’re looking for serious, freaky fevered fat-melting, calorie crushing, weight-wasting results from your workout, high intensity interval training is for you! Most of us are super busy. Busy with raising our kids, chauffeuring them around to soccer practice or violin lessons; busy trying […]

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Sacred Herbals turmeric curcumin anti-aging anti-inflammatory antioxidant

Anti-Aging Foods & Supplements

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How Can Anti-Aging Foods and Supplements Help You Slow the Aging Process? Can anti-aging foods and supplements help to prevent deterioration in the cells that accelerate the aging process? Aging – at the cellular and molecular level – is caused by the accumulated damage to cell membranes, proteins, and to your DNA, resulting from chronic […]

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FitnessHAX™ You Need to Know

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Fitness Hacks? Here is a short collection of Fitness Strategies (hacks, or FitnessHAX™) that can help you live a better, more fit life, achieve your fitness goals – whether your goal is to lose weight, burn fat, or simply get in better shape so you can keep up with your kids. Like other “life hacks,” […]

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Announcing Sacred Herbals HealthHAX™ FREE Membership

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FREE Sacred Herbals HealthHAX™ Membership Gives you Access to Sacred Herbals’ FREE Guides, eBooks, and other free resources – without signing up for every eBook.   It means that y’all won’t be required to enter your email address every time you want to download one of our Sacred Herbals free eBooks or other goodies. Someone suggested that […]

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Language and Sharing the Coffee Experience

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Language and Experience Chocolatey … caramely … citrusy … Funny thing about language … the words that you use affect your thoughts. Your vocabulary affects how you experience things. And your vocabulary affects how you share those experiences. This article is about your coffee vocabulary, and how it shapes the quality of your coffee experience, and […]

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