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Welcome to Sacred Herbals!

For Healthy Living, Welcome to Sacred Herbals !!  Ingest only the best: Sacred Herbals … because your body is your temple …   Hi, I’m Allen Collins, co-founder of Sacred Herbals. Most folks call me Al.  Sacred Herbals is a family owned and family run business. And we think that you should feel full of life, every day!… [Continue Reading]

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How To Reward Yourself

Weight Loss … It’s An Epic Struggle. And during your epic struggle to find your thinner self, it’s simply too easy to reward yourself with food when you achieve your weight loss milestones. But of course, that’s self-defeating.  Successful weight loss requires profound mental strength and discipline. The required lifestyle change is mentally challenging, too.… [Continue Reading]

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Alert, Yet Chill: How YOU Can Hear the Grasshopper

  How to Be Fully Alert and Present, Without Being Anxious and Jittery? Let’s say that you have a cup of coffee, and a cup of tea – two cups total – and they each contain exactly the same level of caffeine: 70mg; not a huge amount. That’s about one-third the amount of caffeine that… [Continue Reading]

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Lipoic Acid – Turning Back Alzheimer’s

Neuronal Energetics … Your Greedy Greedy Brain. Your brain is a pretty demanding organ. You might even call it high-maintenance. Or to be more accurate, GREEDY: Your brain accounts for only 2% of your body mass, but it eats up 25% of your body’s energy. Specifically, your brain eats up about 25% of your body’s daily… [Continue Reading]

Reversing and Delaying Alzheimer's Dementia

How Can Coffee or Tea Affect Your Medications?

  What You Need to Know About Caffeine Drug Interactions: And before you click-off thinking, “I drink decaffeinated, so I’m okay,” note that even decaffeinated coffee and tea still contain some caffeine. Coffee and tea can alter the effect – and safety – of your prescription medications.  In addition to caffeine, both Coffee and Tea, including Green Tea, contain… [Continue Reading]

caffeine drug interactions

Can Exercise Make You Smarter?

  You’ve heard why you should exercise: help control weight; strengthen your immune system; control stress and reduce anxiety; you’ll live longer. But can exercise make you smarter? Can exercise improve cognitive function? Can it improve your memory; your ability to solve problems; your ability to learn? The answer is YES: whether young or old,… [Continue Reading]

Can Exercise Make You Smarter, Sacred Herbals organic coffee, organic tea, organic herbal supplements, rainforest alliance, fair trade

Cross Training: The Benefits of Mixing it Up

  Cross Training is for you! It doesn’t matter what your favorite sport or style of workout is – whether pilates yoga, running, strength training, biking, skating, or anything else – overdoing it can be counter-productive. Over-training can slow your progress and unnecessarily delay your goals. Like most people, let’s assume that your goals are… [Continue Reading]

What is Cross Training

Green Tea During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

Is Green Tea safe to drink during pregnancy? And what about caffeine? Bottom line? Yes, but in limited amounts. Why?  Green tea, for anyone else, offers a huge boost to your health: green tea is rich in powerful nutrients that may help prevent a variety of cancers, lower blood pressure, prevent diabetes, and help normalize cholesterol… [Continue Reading]

Safety During Pregnancy

5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism!

  We all share similar goals: looking good; losing weight; and achieving optimal overall fitness. You already know that in order to achieve these goals, your regimen must include (at a minimum) increasing your activity, and reducing your calorie intake. But did you know that there are foods you can add to your diet that… [Continue Reading]

Boost Your Metabolism

You’re Alright Right Now. Really. So Chill …

Chill … Despite What Your Brain is Telling You, there is NOT a Saber-tooth tiger about to pounce! Our nervous system has been evolving for about 600 million years. During all this time, creatures – worms, crabs, lizards, rats, monkeys, hominids, humans – that were real mellow, watching the sunlight on the leaves, getting all… [Continue Reading]

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12 “Natural” Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels!

All of us share similar stressors of modern life: financial worries; time deficits; not enough energy to get done all we have to do in a day; not enough energy to achieve our dreams. Here are a dozen easy ways to give yourself an energy boost. Without any special equipment. Without any special training. Follow… [Continue Reading]

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Core Fitness Manifesto

Okay. I admit it: I’m a “core fitness” freak. I am now anyway. A few years back I began having back pain. No big whoop, everybody has back pain, right? But then I began having neurological symptoms … tingling and numbness in my legs, and “foot drop.” As a physician and surgeon, I knew what… [Continue Reading]

Sacred Herbals Core Fitness Guide for Runners

Got Sleep? 7 Sleeping Tips to Achieve Optimal Sleep

    The Decision: So, you finally got serious about getting into condition. Into shape. Maybe along with losing weight. You’ve decided on a fitness program. I’m here to tell you that you can’t get there by sitting on your couch and thinking about it (or reading about it, or talking about it)! You need… [Continue Reading]

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What are HACKS?

  The Meaning of Hacks and HAX™ So what are “hacks,” exactly? One of our core principles here at Sacred Herbals is based on so-called “Life Hacks.” You’re probably already familiar with some of these hacks: eating oatmeal instead of bacon-and-eggs for breakfast to lower your cholesterol. It’s simple; it’s works; it’s backed by evidence… [Continue Reading]

Sacred Herbals HealthHAX - Bio Hacks

Benefits of Green Tea: Healthy or Hype?

Health Benefits of Green Tea: Are the Crazy Claims True? We in the West have only become aware of Green Tea relatively recently. Recent, that is, compared to the 4000 years or so that Asian cultures have been enjoying green tea. So, recently, green tea has been touted as a miracle cure for nearly every… [Continue Reading]

health benefits of green tea

Coffee vs Tea

Health Benefits of Coffee and Tea:   Coffee drinkers vs tea drinkers – “teetotalers.” Both have been stigmatized, stereotyped. For example, the term, teetotaler, refers to complete abstinence from alcohol. But you and I know that stereotypes are seldom accurate. And you don’t need to be one or the other exclusively. Me? I LOVE BOTH… [Continue Reading]

Sacred Herbals organic coffee, organic tea, organic herbal supplements, rainforest alliance, fair trade

Your Body is Your Temple

Temple of Your Soul, Temple of Your Mind … Temple of Your LIFE … Your body is the temple for your life. You can’t trade it in. This is THE ONE that you get.  Take good care of it! You’ve heard it said: “Your body is the temple of your soul.” Or even, “Your body is the… [Continue Reading]


What is Organic? Natural? How To Read an Organic Food Label

No, that’s not a very sexy topic. Reading labels is right up there with watching paint dry and grass grow. But for most of us – and especially for those with severe food allergies (nuts, for example) or diabetes – knowing exactly what’s in our food is important. Perhaps we can’t afford to buy all… [Continue Reading]

Sacred Herbals organic coffee, organic tea, organic herbal supplements, rainforest alliance, fair trade

How to NOT Feel Guilty Drinking Coffee

Some of us feel a sense of guilt when we drink coffee. Perhaps you have read that we consume about 500 Billion (yes, with a B) cups of coffee every day; that Millions of acres of land are used for coffee production. And maybe you heard or read somewhere about how most coffee plantations use… [Continue Reading]

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My Intro to Green Tea

  My Introduction to Green Tea: I recently experienced some pain from a kidney stone. That’s a bit like saying that the ocean is somewhat wet. After several surgeries to remove some HUGE stones, the doctors suggested that I knock-off the coffee, and switch to tea. Specifically, they suggested Green Tea. Well, like many Americans,… [Continue Reading]

Sacred Herbals green tea